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  • Thu, 11:00: Was the era of the British Empire known as the Scone Age?
  • Tue, 21:17: I'm slow tonight. It wasn't until the end of #TheFlash that it sank in what Eddie's last name is. This should be interesting.
  • Thu, 14:13: Today I wore my polo shirt with the PCA/ACA logo to work. Nobody has asked me what PCA/ACA stands for. Such incurious people.
  • Sat, 22:54: That red trim in the black jacket.... Is the new doctor Dracula? #AfterWho
  • Sat, 23:00: I kind of hope the Doctor pushed that droid. I'd like to see a harder edge for him. #AfterWho
  • Tue, 15:48: Old saying: "Dying is easy. Comedy is hard." Robin Williams, however, made comedy look easy, and news of his death hits hard.
  • Mon, 13:05: @onthemedia If you're going to summarize plots of movies, prove you've seen it. Worst summary of "Forbidden Planet" I've ever heard. Boo.